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Dustin Huff with Largest Typical Whitetail in the United States
Dustin Huff
Dustin broke the 107 year old whitetail record for the largest typical whitetail ever taken with a bow in the United States.  This singer songwriter from Indiana is one of the youngest up and coming hunters in the U.S.  He loves playing country music and opens for top acts such as Luke Combs.
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Derrick Sudmann with a large Iowa Whitetail
Derrick Sudmann with archery whitetail
Derrick Sudmann with Iowa Whitetail
Derrick Sudmann
Derrick resides in Iowa and is a farmer that continues to bring down Big Trophy Bucks year after year.  Iowa is known for Big Bucks and fuels Derrick's passion for bowhunting.
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Evan O'Brien with Big Trophy Whitetails
Evan O'Brien in a Ghillie Suit
Evan O'Brien
Evan is the 4-Time Whitetail World Champion residing in Texas but primarily hunts in North and South Dakota.  Evan dominated competitive bowhunting from 2017 to 2020.  His unique hunting skill make him a rarity in the bowhunting world.  Once he spots a monster buck, Evan figures out how to get it done.
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Brett Ware with Big Buck
Brett Ware with HEATWAVE Buck
Brett Ware
Brett is one of the leading engineering scientist in the fishing industry and instrumental in HEATWAVE's phenomenal success.  His university research on the vision of fish lead to today's hottest fishing tackle known as Tightlines UV.  Brett is a former design engineer for Winchester and loves solving problems that baffle the outdoor markets.  Brett is an avid outdoorsman and loves spending time in the woods every fall.
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Garrett Woods with Big Missouri Buck
Garrett Woods
Garrett is a Missouri farmer who loves to deer hunt.  Growing up in Northwest Missouri along the Iowa border, he has seen his share of monster whitetail.  You will find Garrett bowhunting in the fall and traveling with his children to all their sporting events.
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Isaac White and brother with a Big Kansas Whitetail
Isaac White - 2022 Whitetail World Champion
Isaac White
Isaac is the 2021 and 2022 Whitetail World Champion and resides in the Big Buck State of Kansas.  Isaac and his brother Nathan have proven to be one of the best Whitetail Hunting Tag Teams in the Country.