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Can Rotten, Bottled Deer Urine Cause CWD?

Multiple States and Territories across North America have banned the use of natural deer urine suggesting urine may be the carrier of prions contributing to always fatal, infectious Chronic Waste Disease (CWD).  Abnormal, misfolded prion proteins multiply,  accumulate over time, and ultimately damage the brain and nervous system of a deer.  CWD is believed to be transmitted when deer consume prions in soil contaminated by infected, rotten, bacteria-laden bodily fluids or decaying carcasses.  Prions are understood to persist in the environment, remaining infectious for many years.

University research recently discovered and demonstrated prion growth in bacteria.  This finding has left some in the scientific community suggesting prions likely first emerged in bacteria.  Attempts to control the spread of this infectious disease to date have focused primarily on 3rd Party Testing / Certification prior to placement on retail shelves.  Hunters have been forced to use synthetics as a substitute while awaiting a technology breakthrough. 

HEATWAVE® research primarily focused on the aging and oxidation issues created after urine is packaged.  Data was gathered from multiple retail locations on market leading brands.  Rotten urine was prevalent and was easily recognizable by its dark brown color and rancid odor due to the bacterial decomposition of urea and ammonia.

HEATWAVE® Technology prevents rotten, bottled deer urine - and subsequent potential CWD prion formation - by drastically reducing runaway bacterial growth during the collection, shipping and packaging process.  As cool as that is, HEATWAVE® Technology doesn’t stop there, as it also elevates the performance of 100% natural, fresh urine in the field without the need for preservatives or other additives.   

It took five years for John Crawford and Brett Ware to create their patented process capable of removing the “free-oxygen” in the air of which the determinantal effects have plagued the industry for years.  Free oxygen consists of oxygen molecules in the air we breathe not attached to another element, like carbon (to form carbon dioxide) or hydrogen (to form water).  Aerobic bacteria, common in rotten urine and decaying carcasses, require oxygen to live and thrive. HEATWAVE® Technology kills aerobic bacteria through starvation by integrating an “Oxygen Eater” into every product pack.  Some Oxygen Eaters are small keeping the included urine vials fresh until ready to use.  Some Oxygen Eaters are large and sized to keep urine fresh pack and gently warm the included urine vial in the field creating a whole new, next-level, hunting experience.

The HEATWAVE® performance advantage is based on one simple, scientific fact.  The aroma of any substance changes with temperature; whether it be coffee, bread, hot apple pie or in this case, deer urine.  Although grossly obvious insight - yet often overlooked - deer will only urinate when they have deemed an area to be safe and secure.  Fawns from day one quickly learned to associate the aroma of Mama’s fresh urination with her Silent Safety Signal™.  During this unique moment in time, fawns were conditioned to relax, relying on the collective survival instincts of Mama Doe until the aroma of the fresh urination cooled and naturally faded away. HEATWAVE® Technology recreates this unique moment in time for up to 9 hours – Rain, Snow, Sleet or Shine - by gently warming, fresh urine and releasing the real aroma of a real deer.

HEATWAVE® Technology reduces CWD spread potential by preventing prion growth due to bacterial runaway typical in rotten urine allowing fresh urine to remain “ageless” on the retail shelf.  HEATWAVE® Technology is SO GOOD --  it was used to bring in the Huff Buck, the largest typical whitetail ever taken in the United States in 107 years. 

HEATWAVE® Bacteria-Free Technology.  Stop Bacteria.  Stop Further CWD Spread.

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